Seasonal Procedures & Timeline for Sugarloaf Seasonal Rentals

General Information

The lease period is typically November 1 to May 1 of the upcoming ski season. Many owners will extend the lease to include additional time such as the month of October if necessary.

The seasonal rental does not include housekeeping services. The unit will be cleaned prior to your arrival.  Sheets and towels are not included in a seasonal rental.

Shared Seasonal Rentals: The properties in the shared seasonal program are for your use approximately half the season and one holiday week (either New Years or February Vacation) unless noted otherwise on the listing. Most owners are flexible and the sharing schedule can be worked out in a variety of ways. Before signing the lease, it is imperative that you communicate the most important dates that you would like to have use of the condo for yourself. After the essential dates are agreed to, we will provide the lease to you along with utility information and the agreed upon shared calendar of use schedule.


To confirm the rental, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required along with the signed lease within 7 days of receiving the lease. The only condition under which the 50% payment would be refundable is if the property is re-rented for the full amount. There would be a $100.00 processing fee deducted from the deposit. Please be aware that the State of Maine requires us to charge an 9% lodging tax on seasonal rentals. The seasonal tenant is required to pay this tax in addition to the prices listed above.

Your next obligation will be to pay the remaining 50% of the lease, the security deposit (usually $500-$2,000), and any pre-charged utility bills by the 1st day of tenancy, typically November 1st. You are also expected to have the appropriate utility accounts in your name as of that date. Access to the unit will not be allowed until it has been verified that all necessary utility billing has been transferred to the tenant’s name. This does not apply to the shared seasonal rentals that would be billed through our office. You will not be able to collect the keys to the unit and take occupancy until the lease is paid in full and required utility billing has been switched to your name.


The first day you arrive, we will provide you with an inventory list to approve and a premises condition statement to fill out. These must be signed and returned to our office within 2 weeks of your arrival date. Failure to do so will result in your acceptance of the condition of the property and the inventory provided.

An exit walk-though will be done after you have vacated the unit to review the inventory list and compare the premise condition statement to the property. You should have returned your keys and removed your belongings prior to the inspection. There is a $35 inspection fee that will be charged to your account.

Your security deposit will be returned no later than June 1st, provided that your responsibilities have been taken care of as of the 1st of May.